Eklektoplasm #77

  1. Kill West – Faces [Gush LP/Stolen Body Records/23rd June 2017]
  2. Percolator – Squishy Future [Sestra LP/Penske Recordings/April 2017]
  3. Electro Group – Look Around [Ranger LP/Research Sound Recordings/January 2017]
  4. Beach Fossils – Down The Line [Somersault LP/Bayonet Records/2nd June 2017]
  5. ISS – Devry (Off The Beating Track) [Endless Pussyfooting MC/State Laughter Records/May 2017]
  6. Milk Crimes – I’ll Be Back [Put Ears On Yourself Vol.1 7”/Art For The Blind Records/March 2017]
  7. Thee Creeps – Personal Frankenstein [Grave Pop MC/King Pizza/March 2017]
  8. Thigh Master – BBC [BBC 7”/12XU/April 2017]
  9. Cotillon – Promises 1 [The Afternoons LP/Bandcamp/April 2017]
  10. Hoops – Rules [Routines LP/Fat Possum Records/May 2017]
  11. Jessica Moss – Entire Populations (Part 4) [Pools of Light LP/Constellation/May 2017]
  12. Samantha Glass – First Stairwell [Introducing The Confession MC/No Rent Records/March 2017]
  13. Fatal Microbes – Violence Grows [Violence Grows 7”/Small Wonder Records/1979]
  14. Enema Syringe – Din Mun Ar Ett Anus [Flapper MC/Chondritic Sound/2016]
  15. Dusty Mush – Bad Ideas [Cheap Entertainment LP/Howlin’ Banana Records/May 2017]
  16. Galants – Evergreen [Galants 10”/Zen Ten/May 2017]
  17. Group Doueh & Cheveu – Azaouane [The Dakhla Sahara Session LP/Howlin’ Banana/January 2017]
  18. Sneaks – PBNJ [It’s A Myth LP/Merge Records/March 2017]
  19. Arcade – Koya [Bilberries and Mushrooms MC/Bering Strait Archives/March 2017]

Episode 77 in our intrepid sonic adventuring brings a solid hour and a smidge of mostly rollicking garage, indie and jangly pop riffing. Argentian psychers Kill West return with a new album of fuzzed up jams. Percolator finally release their debut album Sestra and having listened through a few times I can declare it well worth the wait, swinging from shoegazed pop to krautrocking breakdowns with aplomb. Seasoned Sacramento noise poppers Electro Group released their first LP in 10 years back in January. Having missed out on them first time round I was tipped off to them by Mark from Mt. St. Mtn. and am forever grateful. Ranger is a great lp and there’s plenty in the back catalogue to work through too.

Beach Fossils go back towards their original jangle guitar sound on Somersault and whilst it’s not quite hitting the heights of their earlier stuff it’s still a welcome adjustment to these ears after the middling Clash The Truth. ISS have released another devastating cassette this year after their self titled debut in 2016. Check it out, punk indie hip hop mash ups. Irish band Milk Crimes and Thee Creeps represent the garage scene and we veer off towards the pop universe with Cotillon and Hoops before dipping our toes in the more contemplative meanderings of Mt Zion violinist Jessica Moss and American synth queen Samantha Glass.

Golden oldie of the mix is Fatal Microbes with the still relevant Violence Grows, an astonishing debut single from 14 year old Honey Bane way back in 1979. There’s also the tape hissed industrial battering of Enema Syringe from last year’s Flapper cassette to rattle your bones. Two albums which will certainly be high up on the end of year list are Group Doueh and Cheveu’s Dakhla Sahara Session and Sneaks’ It’s A Myth. The former is a magnificent marriage of Group Doueh’s psychedelic north African folk with Cheveu’s urban punked up blues rock. An incredible album. Sneaks is Eva Moolchan from Washington DC and she deals in clean cut bass heavy urban punk grime. Short powerhouse punches with assured vocal riffing.

The mix ends with a nod to Manchester after the terrible events there this month with a particularly urban sounding strain of electro acoustic meditation by Arcade on the excellent Bering Strait Archives label. And that’s yer lot. Catch ya next time kids.


Ragged Robin, Fenor Bog, Ireland. May 2017

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